Virto Commerce Module Template for "dotnet new"

Version of Virto Commerce Module Template for “dotnet new” is available.


How to install template from NuGet repository

Open Windows PowerShell CMD and Run command

dotnet new --install VirtoCommerce.Module.Template

How to create a new module from a template

  • Open Windows PowerShell CMD
  • Navigate to your sources folder
  • Run command
dotnet new vc-module --ModuleName CustomerReviews --Author "Jon Doe" --CompanyName VirtoCommerce --PlatformVersion "3.84.0" --PlatformNuGetPackageVersion "3.84.0"


  • –ModuleName your module name and vc-module-CustomerReviews folder with module solution will be created
  • –Author your name
  • –CompanyName your company name
  • PlatformVersion and PlatformNuGetPackageVersion parameters have “3.84.0”. “3.84.0” default values respectively. You can skip these parameters if you use default versions.


Any comments, feedback are welcome.