News Digest - 18 October 2021

New Features

Added Support of Video for Products

If you’re selling something requiring a demonstration, add a video. According to Forbes, 90% of consumers say videos help them make a decision about purchasing a product. That must be why Amazon, Thule, etc implemented this strategy on its website:


In addition to its high-quality photos and product descriptions, the site also has video demonstrations for the majority of items they sell. This added information makes it easy for prospective customers to learn how each product works.

Common uses of video on e-commerce sites

Video can create deeply engaging experiences for shoppers on your e-commerce site and may help people looking for relevant content from the Google Search page. A common way you can use video on an e-commerce site is Product Page.

Videos are frequently embedded in product pages, providing richer inspirational or functional information about a product than by static images alone. For example, inspirational content may show a happy family using a picnic basket in the park whereas functional content may show how a baby stroller can collapse for easy storage. These kinds of videos can prove useful to people on their shopping research journeys in Search.

Virto Team added support of Youtube Video for Products.

It allows importing video from Youtube by URL, then enrich/override content and load video with products details as well as images.

The feature uses Google YouTube Data API, you will need to create an application and API Key YouTube Data API Overview | Google Developers and add Videos.GoogleApiKey in application settings.


"Videos": {
"GoogleApiKey": "TODO:AddAPIKeyHere"

Integer supports multivalue for the product properties

Catalog Export & Import

We released the first version of new Catalog Export & Import module. This module allows store managers to manage the product catalog without using the database requests approach. At this moment, it supports import-export of descriptions only. In the coming feature, we plan to support all catalog entities.



You can find more details in Virto Commerce Documentation and GitHub.

Virto Commerce Module Template for “dotnet new”

You can use the modern dotnet new tool to create a new project of Virto Commerce module from the command line, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code.

Read more here

Asset module was decoupled from the platform

Asset module was decoupled from the Virto Commerce platform.

We created 3 new modules:

  • vc-module-assets - Core interface and abstractions above Assets.
  • vc-module-filesystem-assets - Implementation of Assets above File System.
  • vc-module-azureblob-assets - Implementation of Assets above Azure Blob Storage.

In the coming feature, we plan to mark the internal interface in the platform core as Obsolete and replace them with new modules.

New features, improvements, new providers for assets will be delivered by modules.

XAPI Demo Application - Checkout with Gift scenario

XAPI Demo Application was extended with Checkout with Gift scenario. It demonstrates how to display Gift and allow to accept/rejects them.

New Release notes in GitHub

We updated release notes templates in GitHub.

New Releases