Is there any way to view the logs of actions performed on catalogs, categories?

Are there any logs generated in the platform to view particular action performed by the user. Is there any way to enable/disable generating logs?

We use Azure Application Insights as the primary log for all customer activities.

If you connect Azure Application Insights to the solution, you should ve able see all customer activities, API calls, etc.

How to Configure Azure Application Insights - howto - Virto Commerce

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi @OlegoO ,we looked into the azure application insights and found that Azure Insight does sampling of the logs so not all logs are available. Are there any other ways to view detailed logs?

you can turn off AdaptiveSamplingTelemetryProcessor node, Please refer to these:
Telemetry sampling in Azure Application Insights - Azure Monitor | Microsoft Learn
vc-platform/ApplicationBuilderExtensions.cs at dev · VirtoCommerce/vc-platform (
and adjust SamplingPercentage.

Also, you can look on
IChangeLogService.cs and IChangeLogSearchService.cs

and create a custom log to track property changes, like some Virto Commerce Native modules Search · IChangeLogService (