News Digest - 24 January 2022


We are back with the first News Digest in 2022. :fire:. Today’s highlights are:

  • Virto Commerce on .NET 6 released
  • Branding and Color Coding in Admin UI
  • Using different catalog prices for different stores
  • Anonymizing personal data (GDPR)
  • Validating catalog property names in line with the hierarchy
  • XAPI decoupled into the XAPI and XProfile modules
  • How to use Virto Commerce CLI to export DB migration to a file

Virto Commerce on .NET 6 Released


Welcome to Virto Commerce 3 on .NET 6. This update opens the door to the new .NET 6 features, such as:

  • Simplified development: Getting started is easy. New language features in C# 10 reduce the amount of code you need to write. While the investments in the web stack and minimum APIs make it easy to quickly write smaller and faster microservices.

  • Better performance: .NET 6 is the fastest full-stack web framework, which lowers compute costs if you’re running in the cloud. There are massive gains in performance, which saves the cost of hosting cloud services.

  • Ultimate productivity: .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 provide hot reload, new Git tooling, intelligent code editing, robust diagnostics and testing tools, and better team collaboration.

The Virto Team did a lot of work to ensure the quality and guarantee seamless update.

The .NET 6 compatible version is already available in all primary cloud data centers.

Also, We updated all Virto Commerce modules, Virto Commerce CLI and Virto Commerce Module template to support .NET 6.

Before you start running your update, please review .NET 6 highlights.

To simplify the recognition of Virto Commerce 3 on .NET 6, we raised the platform and modules version number to 3.200.

Note: Technically, VC Platform version 3.200 or higher cannot load or manage VC modules with any version below 3.200, and the other way round. For the above reasons, there is no option for a partial update, which means you have to update your entire project to .NET 6.

If you are running a custom module, you can easily update it in simple steps.

You can find more information in Virto Commerce 3 on .NET 6 Release Notes.

Branding and Color Coding in Admin UI

The Admin UI was improved by adding the branding features. In Theme Settings, you can upload and set up your client logos and backgrounds.

Another common challenge is that both users and admins are not perfect and subject to committing a human error. When you have multiple environments such as Development, QA, Acceptance and Production, it is not unlikely for an admin to perform a destructive operation in the wrong environment by accident.

To reduce the chance of human error, you can mark different environments clearly. As a first step, we added predefined background patterns for DEMO and PRODUCTION environments.

If you have mulitiple projects, you can create and upload a custom background with colour coding, like this:


Using Different Catalog Prices for Different Stores

Following the update, category managers can easily assign different prices for different stores.

Anonymizing Personal Data

We added the Anonymize data flow to Virto Commerce GDPR Module. If a customer asks you to remove their personal data, your GDPR Officer can easily locate and anonymize it. The GDPR module supports Virto Commerce extensibility framework, so if you have custom personal data you can enrich the module with custom features.

Visit GDPR module documentation

Validating Catalog Property Names in Line with Hierarchy

As shown on the screen capture below, the property names now get validated perfectly in line with the catalog hierarchy:

XAPI Decoupled into XAPI and XProfile Modules

To simplify development, the XAPI modules was decoupled to Experience API and Profile Experience API.

The X-Profile module provides high-performance search queries for both customer and organization data. Through X-Profile, you can perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations with users , organizations , and contacts. All such operations can be completed with various queries, which are listed and detailed in the sections below. For more information on the X-Profile module, please go here.

How to Use Virto Commerce CLI to Export DB Migration to File

In some cases, the DB migration process might take longer than expected and then throw a timeout exception. To resolve this issue, you can leverage Virto Commerce CLI which enables exporting the DB migration to a file and applying it manually. To learn more about this, please follow the tips in our GrabMigrator Guide.

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