News Digest - December 2023

:snowflake: Welcome to the December edition of our News Digest showcasing the latest developments and upgrades to the Virto Commerce solutions. As we bid farewell to 2023, join us in exploring the notable advancements and enhancements that have been deployed throughout the month of November.


  • Storefront: Improved pagination for a more user-friendly experience and streamlined list management in Storefront.
  • Platform: Inventory, Cart, xAPI, Catalog modules updates.


  • 1.43.0 Pagination has been enhanced for a more illustrative user experience:

    • It shows the total number of pages.
    • Previous and Next buttons have been enlarged and clarified for improved visibility.
    • Navigation is even more user-friendly due to the ability to move 2 pages backward and forward.
    • Returning to the first page or moving to the last page is now possible with a single click.

    The update is available for both mobile and desktop versions.

  • 1.43.0 The popup menus in the Company info and Company members sections have been updated to comply with the Ui kit:

  • 1.44.0 List privacy can now be configured. The new setting allows to share your lists with other users:

  • 1.44.0 List privacy can now also be configured in the List settings. A list description field has also been added:

View the enhancements on public demo site

Read more and install Storefront


  • 3.443.0 The health check now returns a status code of 503 in case of errors. This change is a result of the added functionality to configure failure statuses.

  • 3.414.17 Hangfire has been updated to version 1.8.6​. It offers a number of great new features:

    • First-class queue support for background jobs.
    • The enhanced role of the Deleted state, which now supports exceptions.
    • More options for continuations to implement even try/catch/finally semantics.
    • Better defaults to simplify the initial configuration.
    • Various dashboard UI improvements such as full-width and optional dark mode support.
    • Clean up of old state entries of an unfinished job when InactiveStateExpirationTimeout is set.​​

  • 3.445.0 Redis Health Monitoring has been added. It returns:

    • Degraded status if RedisConnectionString is not configured.
    • Unhealthy status if the Redis connection is broken.

    A fix has been implemented to turn off the cache if the Redis cache is unhealthy.

    The StackExchange.Redis library has been updated to version 2.7.4.

  • vc-cli-module-template has been updated to Stable 6 version.


Download and install the Platform


3.405.0 The In stock field can now hold up to 11 digits.

instock quantity

Download and install the Inventory module


3.413.0 Indexed search functionality has been implemented for images with alternative text. Enter the alternative text into the search field to locate a page containing the corresponding image:


Download and install the Content module


3.413.0 Indexed search functionality has been added to the module. Enter any keyword into the search field to find an order containing it.

Download and install the Orders module


3.418.0 The Unit of Measure (UoM) management in the Catalog has been enabled to sell products in different units of measure, new product types, etc.

Download and install the Catalog module


3.435.0 New mutations have been added to manage lists:

  • To set a list as shared, use the following mutation specifying organization for scope:

    mutation createWishlist ($command: InputCreateWishlistType!) {​
      createWishlist (command: $command) {​


"command": {​
  "storeId": "Electronics",​
  "userId": "530dbc7b-796a-4eea-bca5-10568b3c5050",​
  "listName": "some name",​
  "cultureName": "en-US",​
  "currencyCode": "USD",​
  "scope": "organization",​
  "description": "some description"​

The list will be shared with all the members of the organization.

  • To modify your list, including setting a private scope or changing the list description, use the following mutation:

    mutation changeWishlist ($command: InputChangeWishlistType!) {​
      changeWishlist (command: $command) {​


  "command": {​
    "listId": "4c9fac2c-cdbe-410d-be85-8e69b76c50e2",​
    "listName": "new list name",​
    "scope": "private",​
    "description": "new description"​
  • To bulk add product items to your list, use the following mutation:

    mutation addWishlistItems($command: InputAddWishlistItemsType!) {​
      addWishlistItems(command: $command)​
         items {​
         id    ​


    "listId": "4c9fac2c-cdbe-410d-be85-8e69b76c50e2",​
    "listItems": [​
      "productId": "123",​
      "quantity": 5​

New statuses have been added. Now the contact automatically receives the Invited status in the inviteUser mutation and Accepted in the registerByInvitation mutation.​

Download and install the Cart module


  • 3.436.0 The clearCart mutation has been modified to clear:

    • Line items.
    • Comments.
    • Coupons.
    • Purchase order numbers.
    • Shipments.
    • Payments.
  • 3.301.23 Custom parameters have been added to product queries.

Download and install the xAPI module


In the Vendor portal, the following functionalities have been migrated from classic Vue3 to the Dynamic Views system to enhance developers experience:

  • Video management.
  • Seller details.
  • Dashboard blocks.

For more information, request a demo.


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