Weekly News Digest - 28 Feb 2020

New Release :package:

vc-platform v2.13.59

  • Application Insights Telemetry extended with User Identity context information and X-Response-Time (#1787).

vc-storefront-core v4.1.7

  • Supported multiple SKUs in Bulk Order (#376)
  • Fixed login problem after trying to login to another store (#375)
  • Extended cache dependencies for GetAssetHash method with theme settings file. (8942d51)
  • Added support of @import directives in sass (#378)
  • Disabled ValidateAntiForgeryToken for DesignerPreviewController.Block (a5ab5a9)
  • Added WorkContext.IsPreviewMode to have a possibility to avoid getting cached resources (bf7a469)
  • Bug fix 8942d51
  • Documentation changes

New Topics :paperclip:

Git commit message writing convention