Weekly News Digest - 6 April 2020

New Releases :package:

vc-storefront-core v4.1.10

  • Fix bug with indexed access settings by name in Liquid templates.
  • Allow anonymous access to designer-preview (#397).
  • Fix bug with hardcoded directory separated char.
  • Reset page number for search links.
  • Fix bug when page_size from request didn’t use by liquid paginator.
  • Fix bug with categories duplication in breadcrumbs.
  • Add support of faceting search for categories.
  • Add ISO codes to countries json file (#395).
  • Fix checking settings file prefix to empty value ([#392](https://github.com/VirtoCommerce/vc- storefront-core/pull/392)).
  • New liquid filter sort_by_url that generates the relative path with query string with the sortBy parameter.
  • New liquid main context variable - breadcrumbs, that contains the breadcrumbs relevant for the current request.
  • Set flag IsAplied for aggregation items on the server-side.
  • Fix bug with print PDF by order id.
  • Look for presets in base theme if current preset specified in current theme (#389).
  • Fixed bug with additional settings in current theme if preset specified.
  • Fix 500 error when updating user (#390).
  • Fix 500 error when searching the contacts.
  • Quick ‘invalid response code’ exception when deleting a user.
  • Some other minor improvements/fixes.

vc-module-customer v2.14.26

  • Restore managing contact thru context menu

vc-module-pagebuilder v1.0.21

  • Update angular to version 9.1.0
  • Fix sort collection items
  • Fix style to correct color picker displaying

VisualStudio Templates v3.0.0-rc.1

  • Platform v3 module template prerelease.

New Topics :paperclip:

VC Platform v3 module samples and best practices
This article gathers all the samples and best practices of developing in VC Platform version 3.