What's the best way to have by default custom properties when we create a new catalog

Hello @OlegoO ,

We had to create some custom product properties and dynamic properties as part of the development.

Now, the client team needs to carefully create custom properties every time they create new catalog. This can lead to errors or wrong behavior if client forget to add custom property or didn’t add it properly.

So, I wanted to know what’s the best way to ensure that whenever client creates a new catalog, they got all the custom properties ready with them at the product level and so they don’t need to create it manually.



@shubhamdhanetia I can offer two approaches with custom module:

  1. Create a custom UX:
  • Create a custom toolbar button (blade) with Create Custom Catalog
  • Implement custom business logic with default call to Create catalog API, add dynamic properties, etc from a code (template)

So, you can use both native and custom create catalog UI.

  1. Create custom handler

A new catalog will have default properties.