News Digest - 12 July 2021

New Features

Added Catalog publishing conditions for dynamic content

You can use catalogue publishing conditions to define the visibility of marketing banners for specific either category or products.

Added validation for product’s property name

  • Added detection of duplicate names both in the current product and variations.
  • Added API endpoint to check any property name before saving.

Dev Labs

Prune PlatformOperationLog and NotificationMessage tables

Maintenance Tasks for SQL Server - howto - Virto Commerce was updated with Prune PlatformOperationLog and NotificationMessage tables section.

30 minutes load test

Run Load Tests - 2 instances, 0.5 cpu, 512 memory

Fixed Bugs

  • ElasticSearch module doesn’t support ElasticSearch 7.12.1
  • Error when user try use ShoppingCartService two times
  • Fixed Members sorting
  • Error after deleted Marketing module
  • Fixed Catalog property length validation rules
    and more …


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