Weekly News Digest - 22 Nov 2019

New Releases

vc-module-webhooks v0.1.3

The webhooks module allows to register and send webhook notifications for any event available in the system.

Note: Please install latest Virto Commerce Platform v2.13.53

  • Webhook notifications are sent in the background via a POST request with JSON serialized event data to the specified URL
  • Managing the list of webhooks
  • Viewing or updating Webhook details
  • Any DomainEvent descendant could be used to trigger webhook notification;
  • Sending retry policy with configurable exponential intervals:
  • Viewing the list of errors for the webhook failed notifications

vc-module-catalog v2.23.30

  • Fix 404 Not found error for сatalog-itemSearch-default.html #294
  • Allow disabling event-based indexation #288
  • The new setting Catalog.Search.EventBasedIndexation.Enable was added.

vc-module-catalog-bulk-action v1.0.9

  • The first version of the module catalog bulk actions.

vc-module-elastic-search v1.2.3

  • Updated required platform version to 2.13.53;

New Topics