Adding new entities, modules, functionality

Feature name: Adding new entities, modules, functionality
Readiness: high
Development Effort: low


Being a modular and extensible application Virto Commerce is designed to be extended by developers for being perfectly fit the business processes of any complexity or uniсity. We believe that the software should be adopted to software but not the verse.

A module encapsulates a portion of the application’s overall functionality. It may include a collection of related components, such as domain features, including user interface and business logic, or pieces of application infrastructure and Rest API methods. Modules are independent of one another but can communicate with each other in a loosely coupled fashion.

This makes possible to add any new entities or entire functional units without significant efforts and risks.

Here is how it works

How to create a new module
More details about Virto Commerce modularity
Virto Commerce modules templates


Modules, create a module, add a new entity, add a new table, add a new functionality, add a new function