Duplicating Current Production Deployment

We have a customer using the VirtoCommerce platform for online eCommerce. They are onboarding a large new set of organizations and decided to spin up a duplication of the current system.


  • Change the environment-sensitive data. Like, domains, payment provider configuration, etc.
  • Don’t forget about data anonymization for security reason.
  • Change connection string.

Duplicate data

Solution 1. Copy MS SQL Database

Virto Commerce Platform uses MS SQL database as primary-data storage. So, you can use MS SQL native tools to copy the database and transfer the data.

If you connect a new database, you will need to rebuild the index.

If you configure multiple databases How to set own Database connection for the Virto Commerce module - howto - Virto Commerce, you can duplicate data per database. For example, duplicate catalog data only.

Solution 2. Export/Import

You can export data from Virto Commerce Platform in JSON format.

  1. Go to Export & Import and open Data export and import.
  2. Here you can select Choose modules to export as well as binary data.
  3. If you complete the step, you will receive the json file which can be used.

Duplicate environment


Azure allows copying environment. More details here Tip 29 - Cloning Web Apps Using and Azure App Services | Azure Tips and Tricks (microsoft.github.io)


Just need to copy files and reconfigure IIS application.