How to optimize Virto Commerce Deployment package for Production

Optimized Virto Commerce Deployment Package allows to improve startup time and build a seamless update process.

Virto Commerce and Virto Commerce CLI allow building optimized Virto Commerce Deployment Package for Production.

We recommend using these best practices.

Step 1. Update Application Setting

Set VirtoCommerce:RefreshProbingFolderOnStart to false for Staging and Production environments.

Note: It prevents copying all modules dlls to app_data from modules folder (discoverypath) and disable Distributed lock for this operation.

Step 2. Modify CI Process

When you create a new package, add Virto Commerce CLI (vc-build) command to copy modules to app_data/modules during CLI process.

vc-build initplatform -probingpath ./platform/app_data/modules -discoverypath ./platform/modules

Note: The command will apply the operation of the package with the correct app_data/modules folder and improve startup time on Virto Commerce.

Step 3. Deploy a new package to the environment

Step 4. Start The Environment