News Digest - 30 August 2021

New Topics

Quick start

Virto Commerce released the second version of vc-build.

vc-build is the official CLI for building, deploy releases, create and push packages, and package management for projects based on Virto Commerce. Using this tool we improved our Quickstart document. Please read how to install and run Virto Commerce on the local machine in few steps.

Quick start - Virto Commerce Documentation

:100: New Videos

How to migrate organization data (contacts, organizations)

7 Steps - How to create eCommerce solution

Step 1. How to create your product catalog

Step 2. How to configure your store and pricelist

Step 3. How to configure Shipping, Payment, Taxes, and Fulfillment

Step 4. How to configure Marketing promotion

Step 5. How to configure inventory

Step 6. How to configure storefront theme

Step 7. How to check and goto live

Getting Started with Virto Commerce

New Features

XAPI Demo Storefront Applications

Virto Commerce Teams presents VirtoCommerce XAPI Demo Storefront Applications which demonstrates how to use XAPI and GraphQL for different e-commerce scenarios.

This project can be helpful for business analytics and developers who want to get benefits from modern technologies and understand how to use Virto Commerce No-Code extensions in action.

VirtoCommerce/vc-demo-xapi-app (

Now, you can review how to use XAPI for

  • Registration form for an organization with form fields validation and dynamic properties
  • Login as a user to the company
  • Checkout page

Registration form for Organizations & Dynamic Properties

This sample demonstrates how to use XAPI and Dynamic properties to build complex registration forms.

Login with Organization account

This sample demonstrates how to login to the organization’s account.

Checkout page

This sample demonstrates how to build checkout pages.

Released VC-BUILD 2.0

Release 2.0.0 · VirtoCommerce/vc-build (

The list of changes:

  • Updated to .NET Core 5 framework
  • Updated the NUKE build system
  • Updated dependencies
  • Code refactored
  • Fixed:
    • Case sensitivity for modules installation
    • Clear temp files
    • Resolved FileNotFoundException, ModuleManifestPath is null
  • Updated documentation

Note: Please note that since vc-build was migrated to .NET Core 5 framework you could get an error if you use the .NET Core 3.1.x framework by default on your build agent and you will install the vc-build version 2.0. You can either use VC-build version 1.7.5 when you are installing VC-build, or you need to use .NET Core 5 by default.

New Releases

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