News Digest - 4 October 2021

New Features

VirtoCommerce XAPI Demo App: Add new scenarios & created public demo

Added new scenarios:

  • Registration by invite
  • Organization Member list management
  • Invite Organization Member
  • Remove Organization Member

You can register a new organization as well as use demo access credentials with
Login: demoadmin Password: Password1!

And Virto Commerce XAPI Demo is available as Public Demo

Source available on Github VirtoCommerce/vc-demo-xapi-app: FOR DEMO PURPOSES ONLY, NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE (

Improved Address Import for Contact&Organizations

  • Added validtor required fields
  • Added support of ISO2 country code - ISO2 country code will be automatically resolved and mapped to Virto Commerce

Added User-friendly error message

We added user-friendly errors when running virto commerce platform in production mode. In development mode you will see whole error stack,



Fixed date-time control in price entity

We fixed date-time control in price entity.

Added rich telemetry for GraphQL

By default all GraphQL requests are sent via HTTP POST /graphql endpoind method and all the information about the request is included in the POST request body, therefore the ability to see in Application Insights what query or mutation was executed is lost.

By overriding the default GraphQL executor we can send our custom telemetry to Application Insights and see what mutation or query was executed and what errors, if any, were handled by GraphQL.

XAPI supports Gift

Now Cart supports Gift effects and present to the client app.
Client app can view, accept and reject gifts before checkout.

GraphQL was updated to 4.6 in XAPI module

We updated GraphQL dotnet component to latest 4.6 version.

New Releases

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