News Digest - 3 September 2021

New Features

XAPI Demo Storefront Applications

Virto Commerce Teams presents VirtoCommerce XAPI Demo Storefront Applications which demonstrates how to use XAPI and GraphQL for different e-commerce scenarios.

Added new scenarios:

  • Checkout
  • Orders
  • Payments

Online Demo: VirtoCommerce XAPI App (DEMO) (

Black list for file extensions

The application enables its users to upload files to the server. These files can later be viewed by all users of the application (with sufficient permissions). It is of the utmost importance to validate any file that is uploaded to the server: files uploaded by users may contain many forms of viruses, malicious codes, or Trojan horses that could infect the entire system or be used to attack other users.

Virto Commerce added the Black list of extensions that prohibited upload by the platform.

Additionally, IT Administrator can define the black list in appsettings.json, ‘FileExtensionsBlackList’ property. Read User guide - Configuration - Virto Commerce Documentation

Disable access to Swagger UI

Now, Virto Commerce allows disabling Swagger Admin UI on the production environments, ‘Swagger’ section. By default, Swagger UI is enabled.
Read User guide - Configuration - Virto Commerce Documentation.

Fixed Memory consumption-related issues

We fixed Memory consumption-related issues for import/export operations. When some data can lead to memory leaks.

Improved Property Creation UI

When creating a new catalog property, a user now is presented with a list of available types to attach the property to. The property object type cannot be changed afterwards.

New Releases