How to find the code for contact us page

I want to add a contact us page in my project but not able to find the code in which you define the email address on which you receive the user’s query when someone submit a query through contact us page. So can you help me to customize the contact us page of ‘‘Virto Commerce’’ .

Hello. The “Contact us” page is not part of the theme code, it’s defined by the user and provided by the platform’s CMS module:

Here is how it will look like if you installed Electronics sample data package:

To display it the storefront app downloads all store pages by the API and you can access them using “/pages/your_page” route.

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Thanks for the reply. I also found this thing but I want to send the contact us page query to a particular email address so for that what I did I put the contact us form in one of the stores that I created in virto commerce and then add the store email and store admin email and then send a query but it is giving me some validation errors . Actually it is calling some api in response of that call I am getting this error .

On this red line it is giving me internal server error as a response. Can you help me in this.

this is the error which is coming.