Need Advice on Customizing Checkout Process for International Customers

Hello there,

I am working on a project that involves setting up an e-commerce store using Virto Commerce; and I have run into a specific challenge regarding international transactions.

I am looking for some guidance or best practices on how to customize the checkout process to accommodate our international customers more effectively.

Implement different shipping methods and rates based on the customers location; ensuring transparency and accuracy in cost calculation.

Integrate a reliable currency conversion mechanism to display prices in the customers preferred currency, ensuring clarity and reducing checkout confusion.

Ensure accurate tax calculation based on the customers location and applicable tax regulations, providing a seamless experience without unexpected charges.

Implement language localization options to provide a user friendly interface for customers across different regions.

Also, I have gone through this post: Documentation which definitely helped me out a lot.

If anyone has experience or can point me in the right direction with documentation; plugins; or custom development suggestions within the Virto Commerce framework; I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance. :innocent:

Here are some recommendations to address challenges with international transactions:

Currency Conversion

  • Multi-Currency Support: Virto Commerce supports multi-currency pricing out of the box. It is possible to use “normal” currencies (USD, EUR, GBP…) or any other like bitcoins, loyalty points, etc. Every store has primary currency and several additional currencies as well.

You have a few options for currency management:

  1. Upload a price list with a specific currency (preferred).
  2. Configure currency exchange rates manually.
  3. Integrate with external currency conversion services for real-time updates (custom development).
  • Price Display: Ensure product prices are displayed in the customer’s preferred currency throughout their shopping experience. This can be achieved by leveraging Virto Commerce’s localization features and customizing the storefront to detect and display the appropriate currency.

Stores - Overview - Platform User Docs (
Pricing - Overview - Platform User Docs

Language Localization

  • Localization and Translation: Virto Commerce supports multi-language content. Utilize this feature to provide a user-friendly interface for customers in different regions. You can manage translations for product descriptions, category names, and other storefront elements.

  • Custom Localization: You will need to localize resource files on Virto Commerce Frontend or Backend. This ensures that all user interface aspects are appropriately localized for each region.

Catalog - Overview - Platform User Docs
vc-theme-b2b-vue/locales at dev

Payment & Shipping Methods

  • Every project has a unique payment & shipping requirements. You will need to develop custom payment & shipping modules using Virto Commerce’s extensible API. This allows you to integrate with various carriers and implement advanced shipping logic. From UX, we recommend building a generic one and then assigning/selecting a real method based on internal business rules.

SkyFlow Integration as a payment provider enables a unified user experience for Credit Card transactions across diverse payment providers. (
Payments - Registering New Payment Method - Platform Dev Docs (

Tax Calculation

  • Tax Configuration: Use the tax module in Virto Commerce to configure tax rates based on customer location. This can be done by setting up tax jurisdictions and rates that apply to different regions.
  • Integration with Tax Services: For more accurate and automated tax calculations, consider integrating with third-party tax services like Avalara or TaxJar. These services can provide real-time tax calculations based on the latest tax regulations.

Tax - Overview - Platform User Docs (