News Digest - 13 December 2021


  • :rocket: High-Performance Order Module
  • GDPR Module - Find and download personal data for the specific customer.
  • Whitelist for File Extensions
  • Azure Single Sign-in

High-performance order module

In the modern ecommerce world, it is very important to have fast order creation scenarios (<500ms) and the opportunity to handle demand peaks (>50 order request per second).


Here are some of the most common examples:

  • Black Friday or increased demand after promotional newsletters when multiple customers make orders simultaneously.
  • Friday evenings for B2B solution when clients (organizations) want to place last-minute orders.
  • Solution just contains complex order processing which takes time.

We are happy to announce the availability of this functionality for our partners. It’s an easy way to perform high-performance order processing in Virto Commerce. No need for complex integrations into existing solutions and the module is enterprise-ready.

The module is designed to build high-performance order processing and handle peak load for order scenarios.

Key features

  • Simple - Easy to set up, easy to use with Virto Commerce solutions.
  • High-Performance - For example, you can use a small instance in Azure (CPU:1 Core, RAM:1.75 GB) to handle more than 50 orders request per second with less than 300 ms response.
  • Cost Optimized - Approximate IT cost of the extension is around $2/day in Azure Cloud. (*)
  • Extensible - Built with Virto Commerce extensibility principles, you can enrich with new queue provider, add custom features, etc.

(*) - Final cost depends on your configuration, geolocation, count of the orders, etc.


Initial data:

  • 1000 carts.
  • 25 customers which place orders at the same time.
  • Azure Web Site with CPU:1 Core, RAM:1.75 GB.

Result: 97,8 orders per second.

Contact us if you need more details or deployment schema

GDPR Module

We released GDPR Module. It allows you to view and download personal data for specific customers. The module can be easily integrated with any storefront application. In the next release, we plan to add the opportunity to delete personal data.

Admin UI

Output in JSON Format.

VirtoCommerce/vc-module-gdpr (

Whitelist for file extensions

Whitelist extension is added to the Assets module. Now you can configure the allowance of the content type upload by the employees. By default, the list is empty, so there are no limitations.

Azure Single Sign-in

We added the option to log in to the admin portal through Azure Active Directory only if this is your preferred sign-in method.

Added new configuration options:

  • Added new popup for AzureSSO login.
  • Added new option (PasswordLogin) to disable the standard username/password. Enabled by default.
  • Added “Priority” options to both settings: lower number wins.


New Releases

Hello. Are you planning to add postgresql support? EF supports postgres

@volanar we have tested several modules with PostgreSQL v12 (and later) as part of our Dev Labs Team. It works properly.

To move it to the production code as part of the platform, we could not resolve a few challenges, yet:

  1. How to add support without adding PostgreSQL migrations into each module. But I think it can be resolved.
  2. Relevant either client or partner request where PostgreSQL will be required, so we can define the first scope of the modules. Because adding of new source means more effort from the platform team.

I guess clients didn’t make a request for postgres support just because they didn’t know about such support. Postgres has improved a lot in performance and scalability lately. And this is not the limit. The main work with databases is performed by the EF framework, so support for both databases will not affect the workload of developers. Smartstore, nopcommerce were able to solve this problem. With Postgres support, you can significantly reduce the cost of platform ownership by eliminating fees and saving on server resources. Also, such a platform can be called an full open source platform.