Product management and product options

Feature name: Product management and product options
Readiness: out-of-the-box
Development Efforts: low


The Catalog module presents the ability to add items to your e-commerce store. It can be electronics, groceries, digital content or anything else. Items can be grouped into categories and catalogs. The item grouping is individual depending on the stock size, item types, vendors, etc.

  • Master & virtual catalogs​
  • Categories​
  • Multiple languages​
  • Multiple currencies​
  • Physical products​
  • Digital products​
  • Subscription products​
  • Product properties bulk update
  • Product & category attributes
  • Virtual catalogs
  • Flexible properties inheritance
  • Product variations
  • Robust content localization
  • Categories taxonomy
  • Quick search for products by name, SKU, product code, serial number
  • Sort and filter product listing based on any attribute


Catalog Documentation
Virto Commerce feature list


PIM, Product Management, Digital Catalog