Feature: (Released) Product properties bulk update

Status: Released
Feature name: Product properties bulk update

Our partners requested a feature that would allow bulk updating properties for multiple products.

Main idea is that a user selects some variety of properties using search, filtering or in some other way, then selects few properties that belong to one or more selected product and assign a new value to it. This would allow managing properties much faster.

Virto Commerce has a very flexible properties structure: properties can be assigned to catalog, category or the product. Since bulk update action is senseless for a single product property we’ve excluded it from this feature: the bulk update function “sees” properties inherited from catalog and category only.

Aiming to keep our platform modular and flexible, Virto Commerce dev team shifted all related functionality to a dedicated bulk-action module.

We also pay attention to the feature extensibility. Simple “bulk update” is only one option of multiple kinds of bulk actions applicable to products. So it will be possible to extend the new module with other bulk actions.

The design was accepted by an interested partner, so we are working on delivering bulk action module “beta”. Find links to GitHub and demo blow.

Main scenario

User filters multiple products and categories and clicks Bulk Action icon (activated when at least one product is selected). On a new blade, a user selects the “Edit properties” option.

-> Developers can add other bulk actions to this blade.

On the first “Select properties” step a user may select multiple fields to update. If at least one product in the selected variety has inherited property, this property will be available for update.

On the second “Set values” step user inserts new values for selected properties.

Run the execution when done. The system runs properties update and reports the progress on a dedicated blade.