Webhook Payload Event Name - Order Has Been Changed Issue

I am facing an issue with the webhook payload Event Name - Order Has Been Changed.
This issue happened when I did upgrade my platform from 3.66 to 3.240.
I am using Webhook Module 3.201

  • When this webhook gets triggered it does not send the changed entries in the payload and there is no option for changed entries in an additional field. I new entries and old entries in the payload



We reviewed your case. First, the Order Chaned event was always sent if you modfiy subscription. You see it because Subscripion module updates Order which use as template (Property IsPrototype == True).

As workaround, we recommend to add IsPrototype property and check this property in logic app. If IsPrototype == true, ignore event.

With DevTeam, we are discussing, how to split orders and order templates events properly.

Referrence In Webhook Module Order Has Been Changed Event Trigger In Loop Again and Again · Issue #58 · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-webhooks (github.com)

Hi @OlegoO,
This is a different issue that I have created here. I want to read the changed entries in the webhook’s payload but cannot get the changed entries in the payload. When the webhook event gets triggered. I want the payload with old entry and new entry Both. But I am getting only new entry

Thanks for response