Weekly News Digest - 27 Sept 2019


We have a new case study live for De Klok Dranken, Dutch beverage distributor at

Release Notes

(PREVIEW) vc-procurement-portal-theme

Procurement Portal Theme is a Demo version of a Product that will demonstrate to potential Customers the capabilities of using Virto Commerce for creating dedicated stores for their clients that are supposed to be used as mono-supplier eProcurement Systems.

vc-platform v2.13.50

vc-module-catalog-csv-import v1.1.5

  • Added setting for exported file name template.

vc-module-catalog v2.23.23

vc-module-export v2.2.2

vc-theme-default v2.0.2

vc-module-catalog-personalization v1.1.3

vc-module-customer v2.14.22


Virto Commerce Order Bot Kit

Virto Commerce Order Bot Kit presents is Bot Client Application for Virto Commerce Platform. In scenario, a chatbot is used for B2B e-commerce chain that allows customers to browse the catalog, add product to cart and create an order from popular channels and devices.