Customer Segments

Feature: Customer Segments
Status: Released on Demo Solution

Business goal

Business users need to be able to split all users into different segments and deliver personalized customer experience to each segment, ex. promotions, catalog segments, banners, prices etc. Depending on the business context, the segments may include users or companies (account-based marketing). The new ‘Customer segments’ functionality enables the user to define a segment that is based on some specific customer properties.


How to create a Customer segment

  1. Go to Marketing module->select ‘Customer segments’ and click the ‘Add’ button

  2. In the opened ‘New segment’ blade fill out the following information:

    1. Segment name - this field is required

    2. Description- this field is optional and you can skip it

    3. User group- you have to select the user group from the drop down. The user group is a kind of a tag, by which this segment will be identified

  3. Specify the main parameters:

    1. Set the ‘Is Active’ parameter
    2. Specify the Start and Expiration dates using the calendar if needed
    3. Select the store where this segment will be applied
    4. Click ‘Ok’
  4. Create the Segment rule

    1. Select properties - for example, ‘Married’ and ‘Occupation’
    2. Click ‘OK’ to save the selected properties
    3. Set value for the selected property or properties, example set ‘Married’ for the ‘Married’ property and ‘Boat builder’ for the 'Occupation property
    4. Click the 'Preview button to view the filtered segment
    5. The system will display the customers that match the filter parameters
    6. Click ‘OK’ to save the specified value

  5. To create the segment rile click the ‘Confirm’ and then the ‘Create’ buttons

  6. The system will display the confirmation message

  7. The new rule will be created and displayed in the list on ‘Customer segments’ blade

How to delete a Customer segment

  1. Go to Marketing->Customer segments-> select the segment you want to delete

  2. Click the ‘Delete’ button

  3. The system will display the Delete confirmation message: 'Customer segment test will be deleted and the customers of this segment will no longer be receiving the tagged promotions

  4. Click the ‘Yes’ button to confirm customer segment deletion

How to edit the customer segment details

  1. Go to Marketing->Customer segments
  2. Select the segment and click on it
  3. The system will open the Customer segment in editable format
  4. After editing the segment click the ‘Update’ button
  5. The system will display the update confirmation message:’ The customer segment has been updated successfully. It can take some time to recalculate the segment and assign a user group to a customer’s index.’
  6. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the update

How to ‘assign’ a promotion to a segment

If you want the promotion to be visible only to a specific customer segment, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Marketing->Promotions

  2. Create a promotion that will contain the same user group as the customer segment you want to target. Example, you want the ‘VIP’ customer group to receive some specific promotion. The new promotion should contain the ‘VIP’ user group. In this case the customer group with the tag ‘VIP’ will get the promotion that contains ‘VIP’ user group

  3. Save the new promotion

  4. All customers who belong to the VIP customer segment will have access to the new promotion

Customer segment indexation behaviour

  1. The customer inherits the user groups from all segments he belongs to, and these user groups should be recorded in customer index
  2. If the customer has a user group inherited from a segment and then the same user group is assigned to customer on UI, the index will not be duplicated
  3. If a user group was recorded in customer index and then the customer is assigned the same user group on UI, the user group will not be duplicated in customer index
  4. If the customer was assigned a user group on UI, then inherited the same user group from a segment and after that the user group from UI was deleted, the record of this user groups should not be deleted from the index, as it is inherited from the segment