How to know what version of vc-theme-b2b-vue works well on what version of platform/storefront

I have 2times facing this kind of error: GraphQL.Validation.Errors.FieldsOnCorrectTypeError: Cannot query field ‘store’ on type ‘Query’.
There is a post of the issue at: Try to run virto storefront had error on Graphql
I can reproduce the issue on my site with the vc-theme-b2b-vue-1.54.0 on the Platform version 3.452.8 (ExperienceApi version 3.449.6), Storefront version 6.42.0.

The issue is because of the un-match (of the schema which is generated to be used by the GraphQL) between the version of the deployed vc-theme-b2b-vue theme and version of the platform/storefront and related modules.
So where I can look for the “prerequisite” information of each vc-theme-b2b-vue release informs about its best match version of the platform/storefront?