News Digest - 12 May 2022

Today’s Highlights Are:

  • Module for Non-integrative payment methods Released
  • Shipstation integration Released
  • Big price module (new version) Released
  • Collapsible tooltips in settings Released
  • Virto Commerce CLI 3.3 Released
  • Vue Storefront Theme Update

Module for Non-integrative payment methods

The Non-integrative payment methods module allows users to add ready-made Virto payment methods that do not require integration: cash, postpaid - invoice, etc.

When creating for each method, you can upload your icon and set the payment method’s name without the developer’s participation.

An administrator or manager can independently create a new method that will apply to all stores. Once a method is created, it is immediately available for use.

All active e-payment methods for stores are also available in the shopping cart, no matter what kind of method it is. Here is how the XAPI to get such methods looks like:

With the same ease, the payment method can be disabled at any time. After that, it will not be visible in the list of available payment methods.

You can find more information on how to work with non-integrative payment methods here.

Please pay attention:
The module is dependent on the Virto Commerce Payment Module.

Shipstation integration

ShipStation is the leading web-based order management and shipping software. This shipping platform allows to manage all your shipping needs in one place: processing, inventory management, creation of shipping labels, and customer communication all into one easy-to-use interface.

ShipStation has offices across North America, Europe, and Australia and integrates with over 100 of the industry’s top carriers and marketplaces.

Virto already had ShipStation integration module, and in this release, it was transferred to the current version of the platform.

You will need to receive confirmation through your ShipStation personal account at the first step. You will need to obtain a confirmation by email, and ShipStation`s support service will help you with this.

Two-way communication makes it possible to receive all information on order statuses.
After installing the module and setting up a connection to Shipstation, you can import orders from your stores and set up sending orders through the Shipstation service.

If an import error occurs, the module will show you which fields need to be corrected.

Import, manage and ship your orders with ShipStation to save you time and money on eCommerce order fulfillment.

Learn more about ShipStation Integration Module

Big price module (new version)

This module is intended for companies that work with a huge number of price lists and prices and allows you to stably and quickly process requests.

If you have more than 10,000 price lists and more than 100,000 prices, work with many buyers with active price lists and personal prices, this module is for you.

This module is not publicly available and if you are interested in it, please contact us.

Collapsible tooltips in settings

A small but handy addition that allows you to expand and collapse tooltips. At the moment, the function is implemented in the settings.

Collapsible tooltips in settings

Virto Commerce CLI 3.3.0

What’s new in Virto Commerce CLI 3.3.0 release:

  • Add validators for AzureBlob, Sql, Redis connection strings (#58)
    Now you can use Azure as a module storage source.

  • Add support for Azure Blob modules source (#57)

  • Add support for Azure blobs (#56)

  • Add ability to forcibly keep specified files (#55)

  • Fix IsTheme parameter value

  • Add support for traffic rules (#52)

Run this command to update VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool to the latest version:

dotnet tool update VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool -g

Read more details on Virto Commerce CLI Documentation

Vue Storefront Theme Update

Virto Team continues to work on improving the Vue Storefront Theme
This theme is designed to be used as-is within actual Virto Commerce Storefront. You can modify it by implementing desired components, pages, shared logic to correspond with your project goals.

Here’s what’s been added this month:

  • Updated mobile menu
  • Sticky header on mobile
  • User’s wish lists collection & Manage wish list
  • Language selector
  • List&sale price display on the category and product pages
  • Add ”In stock” filter on the category page
  • Orders list – filtering by status and by date
  • Validation messages localization
  • Implement on-the-fly check for email and username uniqueness during registration
  • Optimize product images by adding suffixes to image URLs
  • Favicon change from config

See updated VC Mercury Theme