News Digest - 19 September 2022

Welcome to News Digest - September 2022! This post introduces Contracts, refactored Event Bus module with filters, improved Virto Storefront and B2B Theme, and multiple other improvements and fixes.

Today’s Highlights Are

  • Contracts
  • B2B Theme Improvements
  • Refactored Event Bus
  • Elastic App Search: Next Level of Employee Experience
  • Design System for B2B Storefront
  • v3 Stable Release Package


In B2B ecommerce, contracts are a key element, which can range from a single-page purchase order to an extremely complex thousand-page arrangement between multinational businesses.

Originally, Virto Commerce supports B2B contract catalog, price, and marketing with Contract Management in B2B.

We released a new productivity feature built above Contacts and Pricing modules: B2B Contract Module.

The Contract module allows you to register and review a customer contract in the system, so that the customer gets contracted products with the contracted prices during the contracting period.

The module is built based on two-layer price list architecture (Base and Priority) that enables creating multiple contract base price lists and customising them for a specific contract.

Step 1. Create New Contract

Step 2. Assign Base Price List and Customers

Step 3. Customise Price

The Contract module creates a new priority price list to keep personalization. Admin UI highlights all modified prices. Once you click Save, the new price will be applied:

Contract module ready to use. No modifications on either theme, storefront or XAPI are required.

B2B Theme Improvements

We released B2B Theme v1.8 with improved Product and Company members pages. Also, we simplified branding and no-code customization.

New features:

  • Roles on member page
  • Manage company addresses
  • Use template to display product details
  • Add new presets for No-code branding
  • Preview theme preferences

Event Bus v3.202

We refactored and improved Event Bus module v3.202. With the new release, we simplified DevOps for event subscription via Application Settings and event filtering.

Here is the complete feature list:

  • Configuration though both API and application settings (appsettings.json, environment variables, etc.)
  • Additional event filtering with the JsonPath expression
  • Preprocessing event data with Scriban templates for fine-tuning the payload for the destination provider
  • Multiple destination provider support
  • Custom destination provider support
  • Improved documentation

Read more about new feature here

Elastic App Search: Next Level of Employee Experience

Search powers how people shop, and your goal is to help them find exactly what they are looking for, instantly. Virto Commerce can bring unparalleled relevancy and personalized suggestions, optimize product discovery, turning browsers into buyers with seamless transactions that inspire repeat purchases.

Virto Commerce and Elastic App Search v3.202 bring the next level of employee experience. You can use analytics to improve ecommerce search relevance without any development effort.

In this post, we demonstrate how to use Elastic App Search v3.202 for Ecommerce Solutions.

Elastic App Search for Ecommerce Solutions - feature - Virto Commerce

Design System for B2B Storefront

View B2B Storefront Theme (Mercury) UI Kit in Figma .

Today, it covers all UI/UX elements from atoms to complete ecommerce screens.

Your designers and front end developers can use it for:

  1. Learning about all features of Virto Commerce B2B Mercury Theme
  2. Customization and branding for customer solutions
  3. Custom solution development

You can also review Virto Commerce Pages in Figma on Desktop and Mobile.

v3 Stable Release Package

We published v3 Stable Release Package. You can find the package manifest and description here:
package manifest and descriptiuon of VC products - v3 2022 Q3

Stable Vs Edge Release Strategy

Virto Commerce has always prided itself on the fast pace of innovation and rapid development of new functionality. We publish new releases for different modules with features, enhancements, and fixes daily

You can find our latest releases in Virto Commerce GitHub repo and Global Module Manifest.

At the same time, every quarter, we publish Stable Release package. Stable Release Package is set of e-commerce modules, which pass internal regression, E2E and load tests. We recommend using it for maintenance updates and fixes.

You can choose Stable Vs Edge Release Strategy depending on your requirements and development cycle.

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I like the Stable Release Package idea! How could the Release Package be identified in github? Or how could i find the information which platform and module versions are bundled to a stable realease package?

@corneliusmunz You can find

  1. All stable releases are define in vc-modules/stable.json at master · VirtoCommerce/vc-modules (
  2. The information which platform and module versions are bundled in vc-modules/package.json at master · VirtoCommerce/vc-modules ( which can be used by Virto Commerce CLI

FYI: Virto Commerce Platform still uses Edge versions. We are thinking how to mix both modes from UI in admin UI.

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