News Digest - December 2022

Welcome to Our December 2022 News Digest

This post introduces updates for Virto Storefront and B2B theme updates, Page Builder, XAPI for quotes, and more.

Today’s Highlights Are

  1. Re-Designed Category Page.
  2. Improved Popup for Re-Order Functionality.
  3. Page Builder: Theme Editor & Markdown Control.
  4. Quote XAPI.
  5. Filter for Notifications Feed.
  6. Integration with GA4 (Preview)

Re-Designed Category Page

Virto Team released a new design of product thumbnails on a category page in B2B Theme 1.15.

The product thumbnails contain a few improvements:

  1. Clean list and sale price.
  2. Add to list and Add to compare buttons.
  3. Key properties, like Brand, Color, etc. Configurable from Admin.
  4. Clean stock indicator.

Grid View

List View

Improved Popup for Re-Order Functionality.

B2B Theme 1.15 simplifies re-order popup. When you click re-order button, it displays a friendly popup cart result. You can expand every section: Success, Warning and Error to find more details.

Page Builder: Theme Editor & Markdown Control.

Virto Team released new versions of Page Builder. The release contains Theme Editor & Markdown control.

At this moment, Page Builder is a private module that is not included in the open-source license. You can request early access here .

Theme Editor

Theme configuration can help you adjust site branding either manually or by presets.

First, Theme editor helps to change site branding specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign, like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Second, Theme editor allows you to make it easy for clients to customize their site based on the customer brand book. Third, you can enrich theme and theme settings with feature flags and allow a Theme editor to customize it without developers.

Theme Editor is available for employees with builder:theme permission, only.

You can easily get access to Theme Editor by following steps:

  1. Open any page in the designer.
  2. If you have builder:theme permission, you should see Theme settings button in the top right conner.
  3. Click Theme settings button to activate Theme Editor.

The theme editor displays the settings available for modifications in the sidebar.

By default, you have access to Logos and Colors modifications.

Another option for Theme Editor is Presets. A predefined list of presets simplifies switching between different configurations.

Markdown Control

We added a Markdown editor which simplifies text management and allows inline paste (and upload) images from the clipboard.

Quote XAPI

Quotes Release brings new features and list of new XAPI queries and mutations:

New Quote Statuses:

  • Draft
  • Cancelled

New Mutations:

  • submitQuoteRequest
  • cancelQuoteRequest
  • changeQuoteComment
  • changeQuoteItemQuantity
  • removeQuoteItem
  • updateQuoteAddresses

New Features:

  • Setting for default quote status
  • Organization maintainers can update quotes created by members of their organization

You can find more information on the VirtoCommerce/vc-module-quote (

Filter for Notifications Feed

Notification Module 3.211 brings activity feed filter in Admin UI, it allows filtering by sender and notification type.


Integration with GA4 (Preview)

We have released Integration with Google Analytics 4 module.

Google Analytics 4 module allows you to assign Google Analytics Measurement Id for a Store and measure traffic, ecommerce events to collect information about the shopping behaviour of your users.

Key Features:

  1. Store Configuration.
  2. Measure ecommerce with Vue B2B Theme and Virto Storefront.
  3. Ready for integration with other sales channels.


  1. Create and Google Analytics Account
  2. Go to Store Settings, select Settings and activate Google Analytics 4 and enter your Measurement Id.

Virto Storefront and Vue B2B Theme will have native integration with Google Analytics 4. So, once you click Save for Store Settings, the Google Analytics tracking will be activated.

We are planning to measure the following actions:

  • Select an item from a category.
  • View product details.
  • Add/remove a product from a shopping cart.
  • Initiate the checkout process.
  • Make purchases or refunds.
  • Apply for promotions.

Now, it is under development, and we will inform you about the release. Also, you can check the status in VirtoCommerce/vc-theme-b2b-vue - Dev branch on