Old orders are sent to avatax again which are already synced

Hi, I recently noticed that Avalara scheduled job resends the order info to avatax again, even when orders are synced earlier.
We have some of the orders which were placed 6 months back and was synced to avatax already, but it keeps sending info again whenever scheduled job runs and overrides the previous data.
Shouldn’t it send the only orders info which are not synced yet or Is there any way to disable this?

And also need one more clarification on, whether is there any flag or identifier on orders blade whose info is sent to avatax?


The synchronization logic is based on the following rules:

  1. Schedule
  2. Can be launched manually

Here, we get modified order since the previous synchronization
vc-module-avatax/OrdersSynchronizationJob.cs at cc1ddb22db8903b78a6c57478fbcfcdf6794c9f9 · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-avatax (github.com)

and then submit it to Avalara
vc-module-avatax/OrdersSynchronizationService.cs at cc1ddb22db8903b78a6c57478fbcfcdf6794c9f9 · VirtoCommerce/vc-module-avatax (github.com)

I see two options for why orders can be submitted to Avalara:

  1. Orders were modified. Please check the modified date.
  2. Last Sync Time Stamp was reset.

If required you can add custom rules inside SendOrderToAvaTax method.

Thanks for your response… figured out the issue, the last Sync time was not updated after manually selection it worked.