Order management

Feature name: Order management
Readiness: out-of-the-box
Development Effort: low


VirtoCommerce includes a document-based flexible orders management system with the possibility to add an unlimited number of documents related to customer order.

The Orders Module’s main purpose is to store order details and manage orders created by users on the client-side. This module is not designed to be a full order processing system like ERP but serves as storage for customer orders details and can be synchronized with different external processing systems.

The order itself contains minimum details, when the documents present additional order details, like payment, shipment, etc. and display the order management life cycle.

  • Customer order history​
  • Search orders​
  • Define & associate documents​
  • Split order shipments​
  • Purchase orders​
  • Punchout​
  • Subscriptions​
  • Refunds​​
  • Exchanges
  • Inventory tracking
  • Status update for each document type
  • Flexible document-based order structure
  • Manage fulfillment, packages, pick-up documents
  • Manage shipments documents
  • Manage additional invoices
  • Save order drafts (postponed confirmation of order changes)
  • Changing order products, prices, discounts on admin side
  • Payment history tracking
  • Refunding possibilities
  • Order details change history (logs)
  • Keep payment details (cards, links, phone numbers - optional)
  • Manage split shipments
  • Single shipment delivery of more than one order
  • Show orders status from ERP


Order Management
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