Platform Users Security - Container (StoreId) not editable


In our use case scenario we are thinking about the possibility of making the Container (store) field editable through the Security → User detail blade seen below:

As I am currently working on investigating the possibilities for this:

  1. What are the reasons behind keeping this field uneditable through the Virto Platform UI?

  2. In case there are no major concerns, are there any recommended paths to try in how to achieve making this field editable? (Ideally by creating/extending a Module, not by modifying Virto’s code base)

Appreciate any insights shared on this.

I checked and found no reason that this field uneditable through the Virto Platform UI,
because it’s editable via API.

  1. As workaround, you can edit via API
    Request URL:
    PUT /api/platform/security/users

  2. Use Store > Links (Linked Stores) to allow sign-in to other store.

  3. Create Fork, fix and sumbit PR to us

  4. I added this request to backlog and dev team will try to fix it in following sprints.

Hi OlegoO,

Thank you for your answer.

Would you mind sharing with me any guidelines to create a PR in the Virto code base?

I found this: How to Contribute I Virto Commerce and I am looking for additional information and taking some of the current repository work as reference, but any additional information to guarantee a bit more of success will be highly appreciated.

Sure, How contribute to Virto Commerce open source project

  1. Fork Virto Commerce repository into your own GitHub
  2. Clone the repository to your local machine
  3. Create a new branch for your changes
  4. Make some changes and commit them with useful messages
  5. Push the changes to your repository
  6. Create a Pull Request from your repository back to the original one
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