Feature: search on the "Select fulfillment centers" blade

A customer company has more than 200 fulfillment centers (that are also offline shops). Having 200 lines in a “manage fulfillment centres” blade (Product > Inventory) they are struggling with finding the exact one (require for a lot of scrolling) and finding the ones that have non-zero stocks.

User stories:

  1. As a system admin, I want to find fast a fulfillment center by name
  2. As a system admin, I want to distinguish in UI fulfillment center where inventory for the exact product is not zero

Status: released
Suggested option is a simple filter for fulfillment centers:

It is possible to distinguish fulfillment centers with empty stocks by text color:

Non-zero stock:

Zero stock

The prototype is available here (use our stabdard demo credentials to log in)

Now collecting feedback before moving a feature to the platform.

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